Loan Process

DFG requests that a prospective Borrower’s preliminary proposal include:  Project pro forma conceptual property site plan or map Pricing analysis and budgets Marketing strategy Analysis of the project’s competitive advantages and associated risks Appraisal and/or market study including detailed information concerning competing projects, comparable sales, etc.

Upon receipt of a complete loan package as outlined above, DFG follows a three-step approval process:  Comprehensive Analysis/due diligence; if positive, then  Investment Committee; if positive, then Funding Timetable and Closing Coordination

It is DFG’s objective to finish our initial project analysis within five business days, then advise the sponsor/borrower whether we are prepared to actively consider the transaction, and on what terms.

Assuming a meeting of the minds, we will then begin an extensive review of the project. This will typically include performing an in-house valuation, gathering market information and reviewing the various applicable third-party reports, such as an appraisal, Phase I environmental assessment, feasibility study, etc. Thereafter, DFG will consider whether to proceed with the loan underwriting process, which often entails working with the borrower to improve the market position of the real estate, thereby reducing investor risk. As part of this process, DFG will examine comparable properties, meet with public officials when necessary, and run forecast sensitivities under varying absorption and pricing scenarios.

DFG commits and closes loans from established warehouse lines. This enhances response times, thereby increasing investor returns. DFG’s committee consists of three members who receive loan request summaries, and through whose input a comprehensive understanding of each deal is reached. Once the committee concurs, the loan approval is forwarded to the attorney representing the lender for final due diligence and loan document drafting. Upon the borrower’s approval of all loan documents, the loan proceeds towards closing, with neither DFG nor our investors ever being liable for any expense.

It is DFG’s goal to be positioned to close a loan for an approved project within 10 to 30 days from the date borrower’s complete loan request is submitted. While final closing is subject to proper execution of all documents and completion of legal work and due diligence, our legal team recognizes the time-sensitive nature of our transactions and works with all parties to effectuate a timely closing and funding.

Loan SubmissionsDiversified Funding Group, LLC provides competitive financing of between $1,000,000 to $30 million for qualified real estate projects. Our in-house underwriting team brings valuable expertise to each transaction while simultaneously working in accordance with a client’s timeline and financing objectives. DFG typically finances the following types of properties: office, industrial, residential subdivisions and multi-family, rental property, mini-warehouses and mobile home parks. Underwriting submittals which tend to warrant more than a cursory examination tend to include:
A detailed executive summary;
Project pro forma(s);
Conceptual/existing site plan;
Appraisal and/or market study;
Pricing analysis and budget; and
Marketing & exit strategy
To submit an underwriting package congruent with our geographic and other lending parameters, please: 1) contact Ceasar Perez directly at (480) 556-8148; 2) fax your submission to (480) 556-5301; or 3) mail/express mail us at:
Diversified Funding Group, LLC
Attn: Underwriting
7595 E. McDonald Drive, Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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