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DFG requests that a prospective Borrower’s preliminary proposal include:  Project pro forma conceptual property site plan or map Pricing analysis and budgets Marketing strategy Analysis of the project’s competitive advantages and associated risks Appraisal and/or market study including detailed information concerning competing projects, comparable sales, etc.

Upon receipt of a complete loan package as outlined above, DFG follows a three-step approval process:  Comprehensive Analysis/due diligence; if positive, then  Investment Committee; if positive, then Funding Timetable and Closing Coordination

It is DFG’s objective to finish our initial project analysis within five business days, then advise the sponsor/borrower whether we are prepared to actively consider the transaction, and on what terms.

Loan SubmissionsDiversified Funding Group, LLC provides competitive financing of between $1,000,000 to $30 million for qualified real estate projects. Our in-house underwriting team brings valuable expertise to each transaction while simultaneously working in accordance with a client’s timeline and financing objectives. DFG typically finances the following types of properties: office, industrial, residential subdivisions and multi-family, rental property, mini-warehouses and mobile home parks.

Underwriting submittals which tend to warrant more than a cursory examination tend to include:
A detailed executive summary;
Project pro forma(s);
Conceptual/existing site plan;
Appraisal and/or market study;
Pricing analysis and budget; and
Marketing & exit strategy
To submit an underwriting package congruent with our geographic and other lending parameters, please: 1) contact Ceasar Perez directly at (480) 556-8148; 2) fax your submission to (480) 556-5301; or 3) mail/express mail us at:
Diversified Funding Group, LLC
Attn: Underwriting
7595 E. McDonald Drive, Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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